Wearable Product Design, Design Strategy for POC Sports. Exploring a creative brand narrative to innovate a uniquely POC product.

Kevin Beard (Instructor)

[This is a student project. Not affiliated with POC®]


What if the Icarus story ends differently?
What if we can take the sun's power and use it as our own to keep flying? The ANTI_ICARUS goggles absorbs UV-B, stores it, and releases it slowly, supplying Vitamin D for long duration mountain skiers.




Protection- the heart of POC.

POC began with a parent crafting the best protection for his children from the dangerous risks of gravity sports, while still encouraging their passion to grow. Mirroring the legend of Icarus and his father against the sun and the labyrinth.
The Flight: Backcountry Skiing

An extreme ski. Exploring out in snowy wilderness.

Mountain climb





24Hours+ duration

Usually done in groups to avoid risks.




UV Rays

Long term exposure to natural force, such as the sun's UVB ray, is an overlooked issue in the sport. Immediate & long term harms:

  • Sunburn

  • Heat stroke

  • Vision block & damage

  • Skin damage

  • Premature ageing

  • Cancers

Tof Henry

Professional skier, 38

At the age of 2, skiing was a passion. After he lost his mother to cancer, it became a transcending journey to healing. And now, he's sharing it with his son.

The harmful UVB is also our source of Vitamin D, which has many immediate & long term benefits:

  • Increased performance & energy

  • Anti-fatigue

  • Dopamine & motivation

  • Stronger heart & muscles, bones & joints

  • Increased immunity

  • Blood pressure control

Absorbing the UVB, we create the vitamin D under our skin cells using proteins.

What complicated is the balancing maximum benefits from absorption with minimal harmful impact. 

Design Strategy
Design Attributes

Bloodline Haven


Bloodline: The unbreakable bond & devotion of a parent. Haven: A reliable safe space, a protection provider.

Represents the brand / POC, the father, the guardian.

Hardline Ängel


Hardline: Full of curiousity and unyielding dream

Ängel: A pure flying creature with a true passion

Represents the user / skiers and Icarus.

Precarious Playground


Precarious: Dangerous feeling of an unknown place

Playground: A place of fun, sports, and exploration

Represents the environment / wild mountain, the labyrinth, and the sun.

Goggles Design
Final Design
Colours, Materials, Finishes

COLOURWAY: BLOODLINE HAVEN - Bold orange with red and white details

COLOURWAY: HARDLINE ÄNGEL - Special edition nude with champagne gold and white details

COLOURWAY: PRECARIOUS PLAYGROUND - Dark blue black with black and grey details

Process Highlights