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Brand Identity and Packaging System Design for Bath & Body Works' future in e-commerce with the decreasing number of malls and brick mortar stores.

Jessica Deseo (Instructor)

[This is a student project. Not affiliated with Bath & Body Works®]

Catering to the 30-40 year olds of 2024, B&BRX

focuses on personalised health, individual expressions, online convenience, and the business of sustainability.

5 step body skin care.

Designed by you, for you.

1 Body Cleanser

2 Body Exfoliator

3 Day & Night Cream

4 Body Moisturiser

5 Eau de Parfum

Your technology

is your laboratory.

Learn the benefits of different natural ingredients.

Choose your medicine, scents, and colours. All accessible from B&BRX website and app.

Let's be real.

We really want to save the planet,

but we need convenience.


Closed loop system

and personalise your products.

Return bottles you don't want anymore at store / by shipping

for recycling + discounts.

Or.. proudly throw them away.

Yeay compostable bottles!


Order online

Pick-up / Delivery

Return / Dispose

Visit a store or

we send it home!

The bottles are designed for multiple reuse.


No need to send in your empty bottles for a refill!

The algae based refill packaging disintegrates in hot water.

Order refill

Order the same blend or create a new one.


concentrate to your bottles + add water.


  • Bath & Body Works' target market (+30 y.o women) changes per generation. We need to stay up to date with the next generation's needs.


  • Bath & Body Works relies on brick & mortar shopping, but malls are dying. Online retail is advantageous with its convenience, information, and customisation.


  • Consumers are growing an interest in healthy & natural 'skin care' part of personal care.

  • Consumers are uncomfortable to big changes. If the eco-friendly solution is too different, people won't change habits just because. We need to ease changes one by one.


  • Bath & Body Works uses too much plastic. But its USP is in its vibrance, energy, and affordability. 

"It's something I casually do while spending time with my kids. It's

fun and makes them happy"

Kelly, mom (35)

"I'd love new things I can show to others. Bath & Body Works is always cute, but something new & unique from them would be great"

Selena, beauty influencer (32)

"I usually buy in bulk at once with their big sale. But I've been stopping because most went expired before I can finish a few. I feel bad"

Kim, mom (30)

"I have terrible vision when I don't have my glasses. My shower's cramped with all my bath & beauty stuff, it'd be easier to identify things with obvious shapes, textures, or colours."

Annie, Bath & Body Works fan (31)

Brand Identity

Brand Key Attributes






Playful & fun. Creating smiles is a priority.

Healing for people & healing for Earth.

Tapping to nostalgia & emotions from early life to move people.

Personalised products for better connection with users.

Discover something new & always engaging.

Brand Concept

The brand takes the concept of a laboratorium & experiments. Where users can be a scientist creating their own care & health potions.

Inspired by the story of Bath & Body Works' persona: 


Kate used to make body care products with natural ingredients from the plants around her family's farm. She then went to study and major in biology, to learn more of the health benefits and open up her own store!

Brand Guidelines


Bath & Body RX following the laboratory concept

Handwriting type for personalisation and sans-serif type for other texts







90's nostalgic colours. Neon, reflective, bright & colourful that feels cool, clean & fresh

Affordable & compostable 
PLA, vellum paper, and paperboard

Packaging Design

Reusable Containers