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Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and Multi Touchpoint Designs for Garuda Indonesia (Flag Carrier Airline). Using the post pandemic trend & industry shifts to grow as a world class, nation representing brand.

James Chu (Instructor)

[This is a student project. Not affiliated with Garuda Indonesia.]
Brings life to the sky.

Dining, amenities, and digital interactions are redesigned to better satisfy users' individual needs from productivity to wellness. Redefining the experience of luxury and hospitality in travel.
Elegance meets down to earth.

The identity refresh reflects Indonesia's warm & welcoming culture, intricate yet flowing artistic language, while still maintains Garuda's iconic established brand.
Landscape Insights
Market share
While the brand is an expert at domestic market, the international segment can be improved.
Asia Pacific aviation competitions
Needs to find a strong unique selling point that will allow Garuda to stand out from other top class airlines from neighbouring countries.
Brand awareness
Garuda has many 5-stars accreditations from Skytrax and aviation orgs, but lacks presence among general consumers.
SWOT Analysis & Consumer Journey Insights
Improve seamless experience
Garuda needs to improve on creating a consistent , easy, & smooth experience.
Get out of the box
From collaborating with non-airliners to luxury shopping at the airport, other brands are innovating service beyond flying.
Garuda wins in service & hospitality. But as the competitions are catching up, the brand needs infuse its best quality into all touchpoint. 
Macro Trends Insights
Inward pleasure
All about personal transformation, emotions, and finding small but meaningful happiness.
Shifting from past western idealisations to appreciating individual cultures & societies.
Borderless world
Blurred geography & industries, means more people working in desynchronised time & space.
Tired of performative moves, gimmicks, and good-washing, people prefer honesty than perfection.
Brand Strategy
Brand Attributes

Garuda extends Indonesian sincere warmth & kindness and embodies the country’s richness in diversity & cultures to the consumers. Bringing a refreshing, deeper connection and hospitality. 

Vibrant Cultures

Learning from our resourceful natives, Garuda knows sustainable solutions can be affordable and simple. Utilising nature in moderation & giving back respectfully is also important.

Harmonious Nature

Understanding that everyone have different yet important roles to fulfil in each of one’s lives, Garuda is adaptable. So that every consumer’s day stays smooth & productive, even in the sky.

Adaptive Experiences

Being sedentary in space and time increases our sensorial sensitivity. Garuda designs its environment to please the users' emotional, mental, and physical first-hand experiences.

Sensorial Atmosphere

Garuda provides the safety, health, and peace that everyone deserves. Mind and physical, inside and out. Assuring, caring, supporting for betterment.

Restorative Wellness

Beyond opulence & glamour, Garuda’s new luxury is about discovery, personal choices & experience, enjoying every little yet significant happiness. 

Unreserved Luxury

Target Consumer Persona