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Brand Strategy, Product Design, and Interaction Design for older adults to maintain their independence and identity while adapting medical assistance products to their homes.

Lucas Thin (Interaction Designer)
Jason Yin (Environment Designer)

Leigh Hoffman & Penny Herscovitch (Instructor)

[This is a partner project with Los Angeles Department of Ageing]
Creating an environment that's lovable as much as it is livable.

Hearth is here to support older adults to still be in charge of their life by making ageing in place a valid and exciting option for anyone.
Brand Strategy
Brand Key Attributes

We worked with occupational therapists to design products that injury-proof homes so older adults can live safely without having to face a nursing home.

We co-create with several amazing older adults themselves throughout the design process. First-hand experience is the best teacher.

We use low cost rent apartments as our minimum requirements. So our products use non permanent modifications, easy to handle, and have neutral aesthetic.

Our designs are personalised and inspired by the mid-century style. A mix of classic & modern, timeless yet lively. Because older adults products don't have to be dull.
Product & Interface Design