Hello! This is

Aziza Tanjung.

I'm an Indonesian designer based in Los Angeles

I create stories that resonate with you through brand, packaging, & retail experiences.

My works can look very different from each other, just as how people have different motives, joys, problems, with complex nuances. 

I form my vision through observations & empathy. And playing with out of the box ideas, finding a space there that may be viable and valuable. Creating impactful solutions that are not just innovative but also immersive & meaningful to the audience.


  • ArtCenter College of Design

       BS Product Design

       Minor in Designmatters

  • Provost List (December 2019, December 2020, April 2021)

  • Williamson Gallery Exhibition

  • Designmatters - AQUOA, Hearth

  • ArtCenter Gx - B&BRX


  • Marks

  • Kidspace Children Museum

  • Carrefour Indonesia

  • Salvatore Ferragamo Indonesia