Designing a packaging system involving retail customer experience and utilizing interactive strategies.
14 Weeks

Student project. Not directly affiliated with Faber-Castell.

Gerardo Herrera

Celebrating the 260th anniversary of Faber-Castell,

Time Traveler line is a step towards a different future

for craft and stationary.

The new design updates the brand's premium feel with a modern touch. More consistent, cohesive, and sustainable. Adaptable for use in any type of workspaces.

Past, future.

Experience a small museum of what you can create.

Art installation like concept store design, inspired by the products themselves. 

Smaller version for general stores display creates collective artworks by swatching.

Packaging Design

Packaging made with canvas textured set up box, coated with beeswax for durability. With a ribbon tab for hanging display and user mobility. The box opens freestanding or lying down for use in compact or large & hard to reach workspaces.

Elegant graphic on primary packaging: with minimal gold embossed icon and beautiful yet functional illustration that refers to how the product swatches (how different pens' & pencils' thicknesses apply, how colouring products layer and blend).

All product information are printed on a secondary packaging (a cardstock wrap around label), allowing the primary packaging to be used as a beautiful permanent case. While smooth paper pulp internal holder is used to keep products safe and in place.

Avoiding current use of various plastics, set up boxes are made with chipboard collected from the pencils production waste. Faber-Castell grows its own forest for wood production, therefore we're utilising existing resources / capital as a solution.

Solid watercolour set is especially packaged in light aluminium case. The paints have beautiful debossed logo and rearranged for the water brush to be stored with the cap closed. The cover / palette stands upright & detachable, while the back ribbon tab can be used as a portable holder.

The polychromos colour pencil set is packaged in beeswax coated, canvas wallet. It helps avoid larger number of pencils from spilling and give easier access. A double sided button on the closure allows it to free stand while it's open, adapting with compact workspaces.